Punktum Soft

The Note Trainer generates questions and waits answers. The user answers via the notes buttons or via the position of the notes on the fretboard.
1. The name of the current app mode. Click on it to select another app mode. [How to select the app mode]

2. The name of the current trainer profile. Click on it to select or create another trainer profile. [How to create and select the trainer pofile]

3. Click on it to start and afterwards to stop the training activity. [Training and the trainer profile settings]

4. Click on it to open the Note Trainer settings. [Note Trainer settings]

5. Click on it to open the general options menu. [General Settings]

6. The brief statistics of the current training session.

Total questions / Total correct answers (successful percentage)
The average time of answering to a question

Click on it to display the accumulated detailed statistics.

7. The notes buttons. Click on them when they are needed to answer to a question.