Punktum Soft

The Note Practicum is able to recognize requested notes of a real instrument, also it can be set in auto answering mode. Thus, you train both, note recollection and finger memory.
Click on the start button to start practicum. The Note Practicum will generate questions according to the selected guitar tuning, the selected area of the notes and the types of the questions defined in the current practicum profile.
The focused practicum area is defined by the first (1) and the last (2) frets, the first (3) and the last (4) strings. Also in this area the notes can be selected or deselected in particular way. Click on the button with label "Notes" (5) for selecting or deselecting these notes.
By default all notes are selected.
Each button manages its own category of notes. They toggle the notes between the selected and deselected state. Also the notes can be toggled by clicking them on the fretboard.
The example below shows how to select all of the C#'s, E's and one of the A's.

Unchecking the option "Recognise the real playing note" will set the auto answering mode. Two additional options will be shown for this mode.