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Guitar Note Trainer 5.7

Guitar Note Trainer is a tool to assist in learning the 4-string, 6-string and 7-string guitar fretboard notes. This app provides all you need to meet this goal, in an intuitive and flexible way. It is useful as for beginners, so for those who already have basic skills and want to make them perfect.
Guitar Note Trainer is an excellent choice for learning notes (English, German and Latin namings), octaves (Traditional and Scientific namings), sight reading (Treble and Bass clef), sight playing, finger memory and ear training.
The tuning of the guitar simulator can be customized in any way in range from F# (contra octave) to B (3 line octave) with different sounds (acoustic steel, electric distortion, nylon).

Guitar Note Trainer has 6 modes:
★ Note Explorer
★ Note Trainer
★ Note Practicum
★ Note Game
★ Note Tuner
★ Note Theory

EXPLORER MODE displays/hides notes on the fretboard or on its diagram, using various user-adjustable filters and highlighting, and also allows you to choose the explorer action for touching notes on the fretboard of the guitar simulator.

TRAINER MODE includes the following features:
★ Customizable trainer profile that defines area and the notes on fretboard you would like to focus on
★ Trainer can generate 9 types of questions that covers all the possibilities of identifying notes
★ Full statistics tracking for each note and totals for trainer profile: number of total question, number of correct answers, successful percent, average time of reaction and total time of training
★ Creating new trainer profile by trouble spots in the statistics

PRACTICUM MODE allows to recognize requested notes of a real instrument (also it can be set in auto-answering mode). Thus, you train both, note recollection and finger memory.
The practicum mode includes the following features:
★ Customizable practicum profile that defines area and the notes on fretboard you would like to focus on.
★ Practicum can generate 7 types of questions that covers all the possibilities of identifying notes for this mode
★ Full statistics tracking for each note and totals for practicum profile
★ Creating new practicum profile by trouble spots in the statistics
IMPORTANT: To use this mode, for recognition of the notes of the instrument, you need to enable the Microphone Permission.

GAME MODE offers a more efficient way of verifying the knowledge and learning the notes on the guitar fretboard by playing and having fun.

TUNER MODE is a guitar tuner (45-2034 Hz) that displays on the fretboard all the positions of the recognized note of the instrument and its frequency.

THEORY MODE includes basic musical notes theory and some useful charts and hints for learning the notes on the fretboard.

By using the application for a few minutes each day it is possible to quickly learn all of the notes (in any notation) on the guitar fretboard.

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User Reviews

“Works great, easily worth the one time fee.”

Raph C5 star

“This is the best app for learning the fretboard I’ve found. Get this app, put in the practice hours, and you will know all the notes on the fretboard.”

Wayne Bonner

“Great tool for learning the fretboard!”

Gonzalo Girado5 star

“Great practice aid for guitar notes…”

Joe Sacher

“Fantastic app and easy to create lots of new ways of training by using the ‘custom trainer’ functionality! Perfect for working out all C’s in the fretboard for example or anything else!”

Pete Baker5 star

“Exactly what I was looking for !!! And the best thing is that in addition to the guitar, I can also practice my oud by changing to custom tuning. Well done and thanks.”



Rafael G5 star

“Fun learning”

Jai Fitzhugh

“EXACTLY what I need”

Doneric Wagner5 star

“La mejor aplicación que existe para aprender…”

Jose Vicente Ortega Martinez

“Great tool, very helpful”

Michael Mason5 star

“Love this app for drilling on where the staff pitches map to the fretboard.Im just doing first position now, but plan to learn 5th position too. It takes tons of reps, but easy to do while away from my guitar.havent explored the other features yet, but will.”

Paul Caban

“I love it it’s really helping me knows the whole fretboard”

Robert McClanahan5 star

“Very helpful for focused learning of the fretboard and relating it to both sounded and written notes. I also am finding that without intending it I am training my ear to recognize notes and intervals. This is really appreciated. Thank you.”

Jeff Wiebe

“Learning classical guitar and need to learn the staff notes and corresponding note on the fret. It’s amazing. The ONLY one I found that will teach/quiz you the notes on the staff.”

Nicholas Brown5 star

“Für mich als Anfänger ein Superprogramm zur Lernergänzung. APE”

Peter Antoniuk

“Easy and fun to use”

Anthony Gramarossa5 star

“It’s a very helpful visual aide.”

Jerome Tarver

“Tolle App. Viele Möglichkeiten, Gitarre gezielt zu üben.”

Josef Winklhofer5 star



“Fun app. Very easy to use, takes a minute to figure your way around. Been really useful for helping learn the notes on the neck – worth every penny.”

James Teare5 star

“Great app for learning the notes. Definitely worth $2.99.”

Ben Trimbo

“This is an amazing tool that every guitarist should use to master their knowledge of the fretboard. Unlike most trainers it can display scientific notation which is invaluble for knowing where a note falls on the staff. Thank you for creating this!”

Steven Foster5 star

“This is the best fretboard trainer.”

Tomas Szépe

“Handy app, makes tuning simple.”

John Hutchinson5 star

“Превосходно для изучения нот на грифе гитары и нотоносце. Реальный гриф. Разнообразно по функциям – теория, изучение, игра, различные настройки тд. Для тех, кто нацелен выучить – все получится. Отлично работает на планшете с Android 9. Русский язык присутствует. Чтобы избежать путаницы в названиях октав: “Большая” вместо “Малая” и других октав в нотациях для шестиструнной гитары, рекомендую сразу прочитать теорию внутри приложения. Спасибо разработчикам.”

Виктор Смирнов

“Super zum Lernen von Noten und Griffen, vor allem wenn gerade keine Gitarre zur Verfügung steht. Man hat viele Einstellungen und Möglichkeiten des Lernens. Auch spielerisch. Sehr hilfreich und sicher auch gehirngerecht. Vielen Dank!”

Peg5 star

“Bellissima. La migliore, per imparare le note sulla chitarra. Ha anche la funzione per suonarle con la chitarra vera ( che andrebbe migliorataun po’, ma è comunque utile).”

Angus Coleman

“Very nice program.”

Jim5 star

“Хорошая штука. Без рекламы.”

Роман Скребцов

“Шикарная программа, спасибо разработчикам…”

Игорь Столяров5 star

“Absolutely perfect. Buy it ASAP. Excellent app for memorising each note on fret board. Just what you need.”

Michael Atkinson

“Really useful”

Nick Stubbs5 star

“Super App”


“Замечательно работает. Технически никаких проблем! Хорошая идея, реально помогает разобраться и запомнить ноты на грифе. Здорово, что можно просто ожидая кого-то пять – десять минут взять и немного позаниматься…”

Денис Шишин5 star

“After trying pretty much every fretboard trainer available, I can clearly say that this one is the best! It’s really complete and highly customisable to fit your needs.”

Lémuel Wuibout

“Fun AF!”

Roland5 star

“Great way to learn and practice notes on the guitar”

Chris Efthimiou

“Can’t think of a way to make this better!”

Cary Shipman5 star

“Super zum Noten lernen. Hat etwas gedauert, bis ich herausgefunden habe, wie man den Übungsbereich individuell einstellt (Bezahlversion), aber jetzt läuft das. Ist natürlich nur EIN – aber hilfreicher – Schritt zum Gitarre spielen.”

Karl Schneider

“I am learning to read music notes for guitar and this app is perfect, the theory is easy to understand and note training is great. It even records you playing notes on the guitar, checking your knowledge. Very good.”

Tony Netley5 star

“Très bien fait, on peut même utiliser les notes en français.”

Martin Trudel

“Excellent interface, good sound. Very useful for transitioning from playing by ear to sight reading.”

David Burch5 star

“Отличное приложение.”

Александр Ковылин

“Excelente. Funciona muy bien y tiene muchas funciones. Se puede configurar a gusto para entrenar un número específico de trastes, incluso la afinación, entre tantas cosas más. La aplicación es muy ligera y funciona en móviles y tabletas antiguas.”

Fernando Céspedes5 star

“Sehr gut umgesetzt. Individuell einstellbar, was man lernen will. Top!”

Ralf Kummer

“Tolle, sehr hilfreiche App, wenn man die Noten auf dem Griffbrett umfassend verstehen und lernen möchte ! Vielen herzlichen Dank an die Entwickler!”

Andreas Antwerpen5 star

“Good App”

Narit Watcharawaratham

“Very good”

Pa Vel5 star

“Great app.”

Mike jr

“Excellent app love using it, it teaches you well”

Adrian Linley5 star

“Amazing app. All exercises you can imagine for learning, with any settings and filters are inside.”

Ry Biq

“Super zum lernen”

Roger Rüesch5 star

“Awesome app. Good information and awesome game to help anyone start memorizing the fretboard”

Brandon Eichler

“Sehr gut. Wer ubt wird viel lernen”

Panajotis Flountzis5 star

“Finding the notes on the guitar strings by playing them on a real guitar is the one option which is the reason why I’ve bought this app….”


“This app is AMAZING! If you want to learn the guitar fretboard and relating musical notation then this is the app to get. I’ve tried others but 10/10
for this one. All levels. Really gets your brain working.”

Maxine Morris5 star

“Das tägliche üben bringt mich weiter und bereitet mir sehr viel Freude.”

Carlos Aguilar Sanchez

“After years of trying to learn the fret board, I finally cracked it with this app.”

Debra Stackwood5 star

“Just a great guitar app”

Simon Childs

“This is really great I’ve really been memorizing my fretboard with this.”

Elijah Moncado5 star

“Das akkustische Training (Tonerkennung) funktioniert genial gut….”

Fridolin Knauer

“Hält was es verspricht”

Gerry Obeng5 star

“Einfach super”

Johannes Hoffmann

“The best fretboard learning app I could find. It has a steep learning curve compared to others, but it doesn’t take long. I love that it’s so customizable and gives many angles to learn from.”

arfinwulf5 star

“Für Anfänger genial. Aber auch natürlich für alle Gitarristen! Mit dieser App, kann mann super neue akorde lernen!”

Tauron Bartels

“Excellent Tool. An great way to learn your fretboard. I never did well with just the standard memorization method. This made it simple, easy and enjoyable.”

Anonymous5 star

“Very helpful. Very helpful app! It gets your lazy bottom to learn fret patterns instead of playing candycrush”

Alexander Popov

“Use it every day! Great tool! I use it every day at this point in my guitar journey to memorize every note in the first 22 frets.”

Michael Connelly5 star

“지판 외우는데 좋아요 좋습니다”


“This. Just. Works. After struggling with excercises for ages, this app is providing the learning tool I needed. Unreserved 5 stars.”

David Valentine-Hagart5 star

“Great App, simple the best. Doesn’t matter if you are a experienced musician or a beginner. This app will help you to master the fretboard and keep your skills always up to date. Very well designed and easy to use, it’s a must have app for all the guitar players.”

Marcio Di Pietro

“Guitar note trainer. Excellent app love using it, it teaches you well”

Adrian Linley5 star

“Excellent Training Tool. Asks a variety of questions that stretch your brain in different directions, helping you find redundant notes, learn the staff notes, the fretboard notes, the names of fretboard notes, and the name of staff notes all at once. It’s customizable to various tunings and fret numbers and you can pick the mix of questions. Have not yet tried out the ear training, but I am not expecting to be disappointed.”

Jonathan Pyles

“Best tool yet! By far the most versatile learning aid I’ve found. Combines multiple apps into one. Highly recommended for all looking to improve their reading skills.”

Mohi Adénas5 star

“Easy and helpful.”

Tade Megervich

“Tolles Tool. Für mich als Anfänger ein Superprogramm zur Lernergänzung. APE”

Peter Antoniuk5 star

“Great way to learn. Tried a few others and like this one more. Takes time to learn how to use properly but it’s done everything I need. Great tool to learn fretboard. Using Galaxy Note 2.”

Eric Gregory

“Terrific app for memorizing the fretboard”

Kevin Mewborn5 star

“Es lo mejor. Es muy bueno”

Joel Ambrosio

“Fantastic app… If you have a guitar, you need this.”

Ken Valentine5 star

“Superb App. Really useful fretboard trainer covering note names and stave notation; highly customisable training programs; exactly what I was looking for. Good value for money. … an easy 5 stars. “

Andrew Grant

“First of all I am impressed that this app gives good sound and function with no special permissions. I decided to purchase the app after play with the demo a few minutes. what I like is that the note sounds a decent tone when taped, and when in note inspection mode you also get a very clear picture of the note on the staff sharp and flat along with do,fa etc. I am mainly saying if you are looking for a fretboard trainer, at least try out the demo for this. True, you can’t do a whole lot with the demo, but it shows enough that you may want go with the full version. With out even using many features of the program, I can see myself using the note inspection feature , guitar, a staff book and finding notes and writing out a melody in the book . Try this demo, Buy this app. I can’t imagine how anybody can not get way more that 5 dollars of benefit from this app.”

Wendell Banks5 star

“Great work. Very useful.”

Luke Gibbons

“Great app! I use it all the time. Highly recommended.”

Jim Lee5 star

“Great App. A must for guitarists.”

Brian Findlay

“Świetna aplikacja do nauki nut, łatwo można ją dostosować do własnych potrzeb, poziomu itd. Przydałby się jeszcze moduł do opanowania interwałów”

Marcin Papiernik5 star

“This. Just. Works. After struggling with excercises for ages, this app is providing the learning tool I needed. Unreserved 5 stars.”

David Valentine-Hagart

“Great app. Can be a little confusing if you don’t have a basic understanding of staffs and a method of finding note’s on the fret board. Once you have that down it becomes a great tool to progress further.”

Richard Docking5 star

“der Beste! einen besseren Notentrainer konnte ich nicht finden. Super auch der Support. Anregungen per Mail wurden sofort im nächsten Update mit in die App gebracht.”

Marc Wieling

“Gnadenlos gut! Jede Saite und innerhalb der Saite lassen sich die Bünde einstellen, die man lernen will! Jeden Tag eine Saite und man ist in 5 Tagen fit: Man merke sich zunächst die Noten auf den Bünden 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 und darauf aufbauend geht es ab! Der Trainer läßt sich wirklich umfassend programmieren. Sogar der Ton läßt sich abstellen. 5 Punkte für ein wirklich durchdachtes Produkt, das jeden Cent wert ist.”

Janus Nachtjaeger5 star

“The best!!! By far the best note trainer for the guitar. I hope the developer will look after his customers and give us some updates in the future. I simply love it. I have bought a few other note trainers but I don’t need them since I have this one. It is nearly all in one. Very intuitive, user friendly and its definitely worth the money.”

John Robinson

“Un must !!! Très bien pensé et très complet. La possibilité de créer ses propres exercices permet d’aborder tous les aspects (connaissance du manche, des notes sur la portée, reconnaissance des notes à l’oreille) de manière parfaitement adaptée à son niveau. Manque seulement une version multilingue pour être parfait.”

Christian Urbain5 star

“I loved this app! It’s a very helpful app, no doubt! =) I bought mine and I am 100% satisfied. We can use it for both to aural training, as to learn the notes place on the fingerboard.”

Leandro Mathias

“Great!!! So far so good. I picked this over the other popular ones since you have the option to identify notes by ear and on a staff. Surprising that not many ppl download this one but so far no flaws.”

Renee M5 star


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