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Guitar Note Trainer 5.7 Demo

Guitar Note Trainer is a tool to assist in learning the 4-string, 6-string and 7-string guitar fretboard notes. This app provides all you need to meet this goal, in an intuitive and flexible way. It is useful as for beginners, so for those who already have basic skills and want to make them perfect.
Guitar Note Trainer is an excellent choice for learning notes (English, German and Latin namings), octaves (Traditional and Scientific namings), sight reading (Treble and Bass clef), sight playing, finger memory and ear training.
The tuning of the guitar simulator can be customized in any way in range from F# (contra octave) to B (3 line octave) with different sounds (acoustic steel, electric distortion, nylon).

Guitar Note Trainer has 6 modes:
★ Note Explorer
★ Note Trainer
★ Note Practicum
★ Note Game
★ Note Tuner
★ Note Theory

EXPLORER MODE displays/hides notes on the fretboard or on its diagram, using various user-adjustable filters and highlighting, and also allows you to choose the explorer action for touching notes on the fretboard of the guitar simulator.

TRAINER MODE includes the following features:
★ Customizable trainer profile that defines area and the notes on fretboard you would like to focus on
★ Trainer can generate 9 types of questions that covers all the possibilities of identifying notes
★ Full statistics tracking for each note and totals for trainer profile: number of total question, number of correct answers, successful percent, average time of reaction and total time of training
★ Creating new trainer profile by trouble spots in the statistics

PRACTICUM MODE allows to recognize requested notes of a real instrument (also it can be set in auto-answering mode). Thus, you train both, note recollection and finger memory.
The practicum mode includes the following features:
★ Customizable practicum profile that defines area and the notes on fretboard you would like to focus on.
★ Practicum can generate 7 types of questions that covers all the possibilities of identifying notes for this mode
★ Full statistics tracking for each note and totals for practicum profile
★ Creating new practicum profile by trouble spots in the statistics
IMPORTANT: To use this mode, for recognition of the notes of the instrument, you need to enable the Microphone Permission.

GAME MODE offers a more efficient way of verifying the knowledge and learning the notes on the guitar fretboard by playing and having fun.

TUNER MODE is a guitar tuner (45-2034 Hz) that displays on the fretboard all the positions of the recognized note of the instrument and its frequency.

THEORY MODE includes basic musical notes theory and some useful charts and hints for learning the notes on the fretboard.

By using the application for a few minutes each day it is possible to quickly learn all of the notes (in any notation) on the guitar fretboard.

Guitar Note Trainer Demo is a fully functional version, but it shows the notes and generates questions only for the first 4 frets.

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User Reviews

“Очень крутое приложение, выучил ноты за 3 дня! Отрицательные отзывы малолетних дээээбилов! Они не разобравшись в приложении пишут всякое”


“Really good at associating frets to staff notation a great learning tool.”

John Betley5 star

“Спасибо! Лучшее приложение для начинающих гитаристов! Всем своим ученикам буду советовать.”

Юрий Громов

“Интересное приложение, в принципе помогает.”

Maximus Diduh5 star

“Giving it a 5 stars, not only to ‘rebalance’ the 1 star given by dumbos who don`t understand how the app works, but it is genuinely a good app. Will probably spend the few bucks on the full version as this one is obviously limited.”

Wingol Bertem

“The best fretboard trainer”

Tomas Szépe5 star

“خیلی برنامه خوبیه. من مبتدی هستم. هم نت یاد میده و هم جایگاه نت روی دسته گیتار. اونایی که نوشتن به درد نمیخوره حتما بلد نبودن استفاده کنن”

سبحانی سبحانی

“The best I have found of this kind”

Martín Gutiérrez Royo5 star

“Bài tập thông minh, giúp mau nhận biết các note nhạc. Thanks GNT!”


“Great app for learning notes, even demo version alone is very helpfull. Love it!”

Domen Božeglav5 star


Nara Panha

“Lots of (fun) ways to learn! While the demo only shows notes on the first few frets,, it’s a fun to practice both note recognition and the guitar fret board. I can practice both with and without my guitar. I like it so much, I’m upgrading to the full version. Thanks for a great app!”

BobGP5 star


Efrain Garcia


Peter Cuevas5 star

“Simple layout. Easy to use^^”

Jesse Benton

“Loved it. Very good”

Kalpana Yadav5 star

“top baixei todas as versões bom da pra mudar a afinação mas poderia um modo jam”

Bass Players Siqueira

“Mega !!!!!!!! The super mega cool app i will buy it”

Maximaitor Y5 star


ตุ๋ย ปืนโต ssk

“1+ Es ist super”

Ilkay Kirnapci5 star


Lizmanzaidy Majid

“Excellent. I use this app daily. Ease of use and notation, ear training make it an essential tool.”

Freddie Labrador5 star

“Very Good app! It’s a very helpful app, no doubt! =) I bought mine today and I am 100% satisfied.”

Leandro Mathias


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