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Bass Guitar Note Trainer 4.7

Bass Guitar Note Trainer is a tool to assist in learning the 4-string, 5-string and 6-string bass guitar fretboard notes. This app provides all you need to meet this goal, in an intuitive and flexible way. It is useful as for beginners, so for those who already have basic skills and want to make them perfect.
Bass Guitar Note Trainer is an excellent choice for learning notes (English, German and Latin namings), octaves (Traditional and Scientific namings), sight reading (Treble and Bass clef), sight playing, finger memory and ear training.
The tuning of the bass guitar simulator can be customized in any way in range from C (subcontra octave) to B (2 line octave) with different sounds (clean, acoustic, contrabass).

Bass Guitar Note Trainer has 6 modes:
★ Note Explorer
★ Note Trainer
★ Note Practicum
★ Note Game
★ Note Tuner
★ Note Theory

EXPLORER MODE displays/hides notes on the fretboard or on its diagram, using various user-adjustable filters and highlighting, and also allows you to choose the explorer action for touching notes on the fretboard of the bass guitar simulator.

TRAINER MODE includes the following features:
★ Customizable trainer profile that defines area and the notes on fretboard you would like to focus on
★ Trainer can generate 9 types of questions that covers all the possibilities of identifying notes
★ Full statistics tracking for each note and totals for trainer profile: number of total question, number of correct answers, successful percent, average time of reaction and total time of training
★ Creating new trainer profile by trouble spots in the statistics

PRACTICUM MODE allows to recognize requested notes of a real instrument (also it can be set in auto-answering mode). Thus, you train both, note recollection and finger memory.
The practicum mode includes the following features:
★ Customizable practicum profile that defines area and the notes on fretboard you would like to focus on
★ Practicum can generate 7 types of questions that covers all the possibilities of identifying notes for this mode
★ Full statistics tracking for each note and totals for practicum profile
★ Creating new practicum profile by trouble spots in the statistics
IMPORTANT: To use this mode, for recognition of the notes of the instrument, you need to enable the Microphone Permission

GAME MODE offers a more efficient way of verifying the knowledge and learning the notes on the guitar fretboard by playing and having fun.

TUNER MODE is a bass guitar tuner (16-1017 Hz) that displays on the fretboard all the positions of the recognized note of the instrument and its frequency.

THEORY MODE includes basic musical notes theory and some useful charts and hints for learning the notes on the fretboard.

By using the application for a few minutes each day it is possible to quickly learn all of the notes (in any notation) on the bass guitar fretboard.

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User Reviews

“I love this app. It’s so helpful to drill bass guitar ear training. Thank you devs.”

David Aleman

“This is really useful software, it’s so much better than I expected it to be. Multiple ways to learn the fretboard notes, it’s very configurable, I can simply learn the note names, or learn to match the frets to musical notes on the stave, or do that later. This app is everything I hoped it would be, well worth the small price. Thankyou developer, I’ve been procrastinating learning the fretboard notes for a long time.”

Lorne Fenna5 star

“I’m glad I bought this app. It’s really helping my overall musicianship.”

Shawn Sims (Beeef_Supreme_)

“Nagyon jó!”

Zsolti Hobbi5 star

“Only got as far as third lesson but finding it v helpful and easy to use.”

Murph Murphy

“Bardzo dobra aplikacja do nauki nut na basie. Duże możliwości personalizacji treningu pod siebie, nazywanie nut, znajdywanie dźwięków na gryfie po nazwie, po nucie na pięciolinii, wybór na ilu progach trenować. Jestem bardzo zadowolony, warto było wdać te kilkanaście złotych!”

Marek L5 star

“Exactly what I needed. With ten minutes practice a day I finally learned the notes in no time.”

Wendy Raaijmakers

“Great tool for bassist.”

Gids Mosia5 star

“Great way to start!”

Reggie Gray

“Great memory game, good theory too. Exactly what I wanted.”

Christopher Bevers5 star

“Разные режимы освоения. Даже в игровой форме есть. Я доволен))”


“Very usefull”

Eduard Oškera5 star

“Very nice! So many options to configure exactly what you want to work on. I love that you can save different sets of options as well.”

Bruce B

“Just purchased but looks perfect already.”

Marc H5 star

“An excellent learning tool and fun to boot!”

Joshua Sill

“Number one go to app fore practice sessions.”

Robert P5 star

“The app is easy to use and is a great way to reinforce fretboard fundamentals!”

Elliott Powell

“Super great app!! Helped me learn the notes of the Bass guitar!!”

Jason Williams5 star

“Simple and effective. I mainly use the quiz portion like a set of very effective and useful flashcards. if you’re working on learning the fretboard, it’s a godsend.”

Trace Face


Milan Vyležík5 star

“Top! Tut was es soll! 🙂”

Jan R

“great APP , are u going to have ipad version?”

Lei Wang5 star

“Aplikace je super. Doporučuji.”

Jiří Tůma

“The Note Practicum is exactly what I was looking for (App asks for a note and I have to play it back on my actual bass).”

Florian Dachs5 star

“Great trainer for fretboard familiarity”

Andy Bennett

“Basique mais efficace pour débuter à la basse…. instruments virtuels de base mais de bonne qualité sonore”

#Sampler666 André Casini jazz5 star

“Cette appli est parfaite pour parfaire sa connaissance du manche !”

Florence Perez

“Nella versione a pagamento e’ veramente il top della categoria per l’ apprendimento, per lo studio scale, per la mappatura mentale dei tasti.bravi, ottimo lavoro!”

Pablo Santos5 star

“Awesome app for practicing note locations, sight reading, ear training… list goes on and on. Well worth the price. …Really like the ability to practice with an actual guitar in practicum!”

Danny Giang

“Great app all you need to learn notes on fretboard! I like it.”

Olando McCall5 star

“Molt bé per anar treballant”

Quim Mandado i Rossell

“Number one go to app before practice.”

Robert P5 star


Mark Eknham

“Great for learning notes and where they are.”

Sarah Wiffen5 star

“Does what it is supposed to do. Highly recommend.”

Helsa Lo

“Highly recommend. Does what it is supposed to do.”

Victoria5 star

“Topp zum Lernen von Noten und Saiten lagen.”

Thomas Müller

“Great App. Really enjoying it. Learning all the corresponding notation. Just what I was looking for”

Norman Tinniswood5 star

“Five Stars. Perfect app. Function flawlessly and is very effective.”

Arvin plantijn

“B R I L L I A N T.”

Joe Bloggs5 star

“Great practice aid. Helps me learn music whenever I want. I am a beginner.”

David Vogel

“Absolutely love it! The customization available in the note trainer is amazing! I don’t think there is any better way to learn to read music.”

Marc Victorson5 star

“Great way to learn the notes when I don’t have my bass. Sped up my learning enormously plus made it fun!!”

Lisa Della

“Fantastic so far. This is perfect for memorizing the notes as I start out in some bass lessons. I anticipate that it will continue to be useful for quite a depth into the future.”

Amazon Customer “daniel_sea”5 star

“Gr8 tool !!!!!! Everything is just perfect.”

Petr Fink

“Ein wirklich gut gemachtes nützliches Programm zum Üben!”

Alex Aichhorn 5 star

“Great app. This is a very good application for a beginning bass player.”

Ellison Ralph

“Absolutly Great App. I just got a bass for Christmas and I’ve been looking for a way to learn notes. This app is great. It even has a simple game to help learn.”

Todd Pichler5 star

“Learn a lot. I’m surprised no one has written a review for this… I play a sixer, this is an awesome trainer/ reminder for notes on the fretboard/ staff. Give it a couple of minutes a day just to keep it internalized. Also, when I have the slightest idea what chords I’m playing,I can punch the notes on the fretboard, it tells me, I note it, and keep playing….kool. Lot’s of other things in here, if u enjoy playing, u don’t have this, u missing out. PERIOD…”


“Well thought and very useful. Very flexible with the possibility to train with many different kinds of exercises, customizable with the notes you want to train and many other things. Really good software, and better than some other paid alternatives.”

Fer Nando5 star

“Awesome does exactly what I was looking for. Wish I found this $50 ago.”

Joe Bauder

“Great app! Awesome app, it really helps you learn the notes quickly. Worth the money.”

Camille Faatz5 star

“This is a great app I love it”

Shane Blanchard


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